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Mr. Carlos Banchik, P.E., brings 29 years experience in numerous transportation systems, earth retension, drainage, and building structures. He founded Innova Technologies in 2003. Through his work at Innova, Mr. Banchik has worked on hospitality, commercial, health, residential and educational projects.

Mrs. Adriana Gonorazky, P.E., S.E., brings 30 years of experience in numerous types of building projects. Since joining Innova in 2006, Ms. Gonorazky has provided her assistance scheduling projects, dealing with clients, providing independent quality assurance to building projects predicated on her knowledge of building codes and local amendments.

Senior Vice President

Mr. Robert Naples, P.E. has more than 20 years of experience as a designer and project manager for structural type projects.  Mr. Naples came to Innova in 2007 from an assignment on a design-build contractor and from the offices of William A. Kibbe & Associates in Saginaw, Michigan.

Vice President

Mr. Steve Moore, P.E., S.E., brings to the team experience in AASHTO and IBC design and 39 years of experience in the design and maintenance of bridge, building, and other structures. Since joining Innova in 2009, Mr. Moore has been engaged on a number of projects such as the design of seismic restraints, retrofitting buildings into different uses, and condition assessments of existing structures.

Senior Project Engineer – Technical Specialist