Innova Technologies Inc. operates very differently than many engineering firms around the USA and Canada. I have been working with Innova for over one year and it has been a great partnership. Innova Technologies understands the urgency factors associated with the sales processes in facilitating closures of contracts in addition to what obviously is there core business "engineering, design & review".

In my eight plus years dealing with engineering firms I have been exposed to many different experiences. The majority of the engineering firms out there do not care about your timelines, sales processes, client questions and or anything outside of the design aspect of your project. The majority of our projects go into review periods with Innova Technologies for 3-5 business days opposed to many other engineering firms that have 8-12 week back dates.

Innova Technologies has become a large part of our business offering engineering, stamping, design and review capabilities in every state of the USA. In todays day and age you will find many reviews online that don't hold much value.

These are great people that go the extra mile and I recommend Innova Technologies to anyone whom requires engineering services, design services and or review services in every state in the USA.

Eric Konechny, Vice President, Contain Water Systems, Inc.

Innova's innovative design to restore the walk-in cooler/freezer from inside without disturbing the surrounding mountain helped preserve the historic look of the facility. The solution was cost effective and also saved time.

Re: Camp Lee Canyon Cooler

Chat Patel, Design & Construction Administrator, Clark County Real Property Management

Our Project Managers like working with Innova because they are responsive to our Client's needs, and thorough in their design work. Their willingness to go above and beyond their due diligence and do what it takes to make a deadline shows a rare and valuable dedication to the industry.

Wade Simpson, Principal, Simpson Coulter Studio

Our work with Innova Technologies and their team of engineers has proven to be quite successful over the years. We rely on their problem solving skills, timeliness, and communications. Innova's depth of knowledge and understanding of different built environments has gone beyond many of our client's expectations. Always professional and committed to every project, it is a pleasure to work with consultants like Innova.

Laura Jane Spina, President, RAFI Architecture

To me it is like this; you know that really nice Italian or French restaurant that the wife loves to go to because it has great service, food and atmosphere but you need to wait a little longer being seated or served then at Chili's because you know what you are getting you will remember how good it was even the next day. That is what strikes me about the team at Innova, I would wait a bit more to get the best service and product because I know that is what I will get in the end and not a cheap hamburger that someone else cranked out.

Dann Jochum, Project Manager, Ralph H. Simpson Co.

Thank you for your involvement in helping Johnson Portables restore critical medical services to Louisville Mississippi region. Because of your work, on April 1st, Winston County Medical Center was able to move out of the emergency response, health care tent system which was erected after the devastating F3 tornado on April 29, 2014. On behalf of our team at JP, please accept our sincere gratitude for your teamwork and your involvement in this project.

Brian Johnson, President, Johnson Portables

I can’t even explain the number of times that Innova has bent over backwards for Beck and in all honesty, Innova is essential to the success of Beck. Please thank your team for me, on the behalf of Beck, for the excellent work that has been done.

Austin Williams, Project Manager, Beck Steel, Inc.

Thank you again so much for helping me out in this situation! You and your team worked extremely fast and efficient in providing us with your services!

Kenneth Quirk, Estimator, Superior Post Tension, LLC.

With all sincerity, I would say that despite the distance, CEML can count on the dedication of INNOVA 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I would also say that the work of INNOVA is praised by all who are involved in the project, including our client, Metro Sao Paulo.

Antonio Carlos do Nascimento, Commercial Manager, Consorcio Expresso Monotrilho Leste (CEML)

First let me thank you, and everyone involved, for the work you’ve put into these details. Our group appreciates all the time and effort spent to help both of our offices become the professional leaders in our industry. These details confirm, once again, that Innova Technologies is not satisfied with being good, but always strives to be the best. That’s the philosophy our office lives by, and it’s a real pleasure to be aligned with a company that emulates that professionalism.

Bob Eckmann, General Manager-Western Operations, Kinetics Noise Control

I would like to take this opportunity and recognize you and the rest of the Innova Technologies, Inc. team members for doing an excellent job on Clean Energy projects throughout the United States. As demonstrated repeatedly by your firm, we appreciate your due diligence, attention to details, completeness of structural design plans & calculations as well as various engineering reports within allotted contract amount and in accordance with Clean Energy's development criteria. I would also like to recognize your level of competence in your areas of expertise and delivery of excellent product to Clean Energy. Thank you for being one of the best Structural Engineering firms in the field.

Anthony Farmand, Engineering Manager, Clean Energy Fuels Corporation

To Whom It May Concern: As the prime contractor for the Las Vegas Monorail Project, Granite Construction Company (GCC) worked with Carlos Banchik, President of Innova Technologies, Inc. and many of its staff of engineers on numerous, highly technical aspects of the Project as follows:

  • Development and Design of Erection Scheme for Fabrication, Transportation and Installation of the Precast Concrete Monorail Guideway Beams.
  • Design and Construction Shop drawings for all Precast Concrete Monorail Guideway Beams and Straddle Beams.
  • Development and Design of Cast‐In‐Place Concrete Monorail Guideway Beams through Bally's Hotel and Casino.
  • Development and Design of an NFPA 130 compliant Emergency Walkway System for a Monorail.
  • Resolution of Contractor Non‐Conformance Issues, answering Requests for Information as well as review of Submittals expediently.
  • Development and Design of solutions for numerous other technical obstacles including, but not limited to, post‐tensioning sequencing, column dowels, micro‐piles, systems interfaces and providing a reliable technical voice in our coordination with the Las Vegas Resort Stakeholders on the Las Vegas Strip.

The work product was timely, sound and contributed to the overall success of the project.

Glenn Walsh, Monorail Project Manager, Granite Building Company

Team Innova, Thank you very much for expediting the review and sealing of these drawings. We appreciate your patience thru all of the revisions and your expedience in getting the submittal back to us today and it was even before 5:00! That's awesome!

Scott Thompson, Director of Operations, SSL, LLC

(Received after we managed to complete the Spaceport America wall calculations project within two hours of receiving the required information).