Seismic Bracing in your Everyday Practice

Seismic Bracing in your Everyday Practice

Bob Eckmann, President, CEO, Advanced Seismic & Acoustic Solutions
Innova Conference Room | 1432 South Jones Blvd.
Tuesday, August 23rd | 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Seismic restraint is used "to prevent nonstructural components from overturning or moving that could lead to property damage and/or loss of human life." The Owner, architect, and structural engineer need to coordinate the proper MEP system for their project. Critical facilities, such as hospitals, fire stations, police stations, data centers, gathering places, etc. need to remain operational after a seismic event. If these facilities aren't properly seismically restrained, it could severely impact human health and life. In this presentation you will learn about IBC code compliance, specifications, design, applications, and proper installation of seismic restraints as it applies to MEP commercial construction.

Bob Eckmann is the Western Regional Manager US for Vibro-Acoustics, and President of Advanced Seismic and Acoustic Solutions locally. He has been involved in the commercial HVAC industry since 1993. His primary focus in those 20 years has been vibration isolation and seismic restraint of MEP components in hospitals, schools, military facilities, casinos, airports, and a variety of other commercial facilities. Bob was contracted as the third party inspector for the 'Cosmopolitan Resorts Group,' to ensure code compliance of all seismic restraint on the Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino.

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