Temporary Wood Truck Ramp

In 2007, Innova was hired by Perini Building Company to design a temporary ramp for cement-truck use to access the Cosmopolitan site from the street. At the time, construction recently began on the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino.

The ramp was located between a concrete cap beam on top of the slurry wall around the parking garage and an interior concrete wall. Innova arrived at the ramp design solution after conducting a field visit and a discussion with the Perini field personnel. Since it was a temporary construction, the framing was made out of wood so it could be easily taken apart and removed once the ramp was out of service.

The ramp consisted of 12x12 wood beams bearing at the center on an intermediate truss support. Top and bottom chord of the truss consisted of glue-laminated beams. This truss was laterally braced since there were gravity and braking forces involved.

Innova provided construction observations to ensure that the design was implemented.