Company History

Innova Technologies, Inc. is a specialty structural engineering company that was started in March 2003 by Carlos Banchik, with the support of Adriana Gonorazky. In 2007, Adriana joined Innova Technologies full time, with Rob Naples joining shortly thereafter. Over time, with the input of every employee, the Core Values and Mission Statement of the firm were developed. They reflect who we are as a group of committed, responsible professionals. Innova is led by a Leadership Team. Innova also has a Strategic Planning Group composed of the Leadership Team and select managers and employees.

Why Innova Technologies

We promote open communications and strong teamwork to maximize results. Clients rely on our technical expertise, professional resources, and objective perspective. Innova’s strategy is fundamentally unique. Our process for each project is based on five pillars:


Practical Approach

From concept to completion, Innova is hands-on and proactive. We brainstorm with each other and with our consultants (i.e., architects, contractors, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing engineers), about project design concepts, construction costs to provide value-engineering, and often times below budget. This has been a successful practical approach.

Mission Statement

Innova Technologies provides creative structural, transportation, and construction engineering solutions for challenging projects, relentlessly pursuing quality and excellence.  We are a profitable organization that cares about our customers, our team members, and the society where we operate.

Core Values

Innova promotes teamwork, quality, enjoyment of work, and integrity. In every project that Innova undertakes, our principles are encouraged, verified and reinforced. We believe that by following and supporting these values at every stage in the project, we assure the best customer service and the best product to our clients.

Creative Solutions

Innova’s culture is to be innovative and creative. With over 150 years of combined experience in engineering and construction solutions, Innova’s engineers are encouraged to think outside the box and solve project difficulties in non-conventional ways.

Strategic Partnerships

Innova’s business purpose and goal is to build cohesive and mutually beneficial teams between us and our clients.

Licensing & Certifications

Innova is LICENSED IN ALL 50 STATES, Washington D.C. and the US VIRGIN ISLANDS.  Examples of our work can be seen nationally and internationally.

  • SBA: Self Certified
  • DBE No.: 2012162NVCP
  • NAICS CODE: 541330, 541340, 541420, 541511
  • SIC CODE: 8711
  • CAGE CODE: 5H9S9
  • DUNS No. : 170393404
  • MMSDC: WR01166
  • HIDBE: 15-3426

Innova License Matrix


Mr. Carlos Banchik, P.E., brings 29 years of experience in numerous transportation systems, earth retention, drainage, and building structures. He founded Innova Technologies in 2003. Through his work at Innova, Mr. Banchik has worked on hospitality, commercial, health, residential, and educational projects.



Mrs. Adriana Gonorazky, P.E., S.E., brings 31 years of experience in numerous types of building projects. Since joining Innova in 2006, Ms. Gonorazky has provided her assistance scheduling projects, dealing with clients, providing independent quality assurance to building projects predicated on her knowledge of building codes, and local amendments.


Senior Vice President

Mr. Robert Naples, P.E. has more than 20 years of experience as a designer and project manager for structural type projects. Mr. Naples came to Innova in 2007 from an assignment on a design-build contractor and from the offices of William A. Kibbe & Associates in Saginaw, Michigan.


Vice President

Mr. Steve Moore, P.E., S.E., brings to the team experience in AASHTO and IBC design and 39 years of experience in the design and maintenance of bridge, building, and other structures.


Sr. Project Engineer - Technical Specialist

Mr. Sze, P.E., S.E., has over 20 years of structural engineering experience in regions with severe seismic risk and/or wind exposure. Over the years he has managed design teams working on projects ranging from multi-million square feet casino hotel, to custom residence.


Sr. Project Manager  




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