Innova is proud to serve our customers with the best service possible:

Dave Knight, President, Theming and Millwork Concepts | We were building a fast track project for one of the casinos and we needed a custom suspended millwork ceiling build to be engineered, but we didn't have the 3 weeks to wait for the 3 or so referred companies that were sent to me. I did some online research and found Innova Technologies. We had never worked with Innova before but upon hearing my situation, they reviewed the project and told me they would commit to getting this out in the time frame that I needed. I would call them first if I need engineering in the future. I highly recommend them. They were helpful, available, and committed to ensure that I had what I needed.

Eric Konechny, Vice President, Contain Water Systems, Inc. | In my eight plus years dealing with engineering firms I have been exposed to many different experiences. The majority of the engineering firms out there do not care about your timelines, sales processes, client questions and or anything outside of the design aspect of your project. The majority of our projects go into review periods with Innova Technologies for 3-5 business days opposed to many other engineering firms that have 8-12 week back dates.

Chat Patel, Design & Construction Administrator, Clark County Real Property Management | Re: Camp Lee Canyon Cooler | Innova's innovative design to restore the walk-in cooler/freezer from inside without disturbing the surrounding mountain helped preserve the historic look of the facility. The solution was cost effective and also saved time.

Wade Simpson, Principal, Simpson Coulter Studio | Our Project Managers like working with Innova because they are responsive to our Client's needs, and thorough in their design work. Their willingness to go above and beyond their due diligence and do what it takes to make a deadline shows a rare and valuable dedication to the industry.

Laura Jane Spina, President, RAFI Architecture | Our work with Innova Technologies and their team of engineers has proven to be quite successful over the years. We rely on their problem solving skills, timeliness, and communications. Innova's depth of knowledge and understanding of different built environments has gone beyond many of our client's expectations. Always professional and committed to every project, it is a pleasure to work with consultants like Innova.

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