We provide reliable, cost-effective, and code-compliant structural solutions for steel, concrete, masonry, steel light gage, aluminum, and other structures. 

TruFusion is a one-of-a-kind yoga and fitness franchise, with a studio opening in Downtown Summerlin. Innova provided the structural design for the roof supports of nine (9) new air handling unites and one (1) exhaust fan and their connections to the existing roof beams. In addition, we provided the core plan letter, storefront entrance framing and details, and support for the TRX truss system that consisted of three (3) rigging trusses in the TRX room.

A project called Slammer that will be located at the Disney California Adventure in Southern California. Innova provided the design of the steel framing for crown and finials, and the design of the connection of the frames as well as the connection to the base

Innova was contracted to review the safety improvements to the maintenance area at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. This included an adjustable design for eight (8) proposed gates around the cooling tower, a parapet mounted hand rail, and an interior handrail on the cooling tower walkway.

The analysis of deflections and punching shear issues of the concrete slabs at the Centennial Hills Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada. We first determined the safety of the structure as designed and built and then provided a report of potential fixes to correct the deflections and punching shears, as required.

A one-level prefabricated metal building with a mezzanine, offices, and a meeting room. The project consists of the structural design for the foundations and slabs on grade in the building. In addition, we provided the structural design of a masonry building with a mezzanine and associated stair next to the prefabricated building.

Innova assisted Creel Printing with the design, fabrication, and installation of a new, 8-cell high-speed printing line at their facility in Las Vegas. A typical printing line has 4 single color printing stations and a drying oven, so the new line is essentially 2 lines all in one new process. Because printing presses are so sensitive to vibration and movement, they are usually installed on the ground, but in this instance, to maximize floor space, we were asked to take 4 cells and a drying oven and raise them onto a platform.

Innova provided structural design for the highly themed Northeast Corner Bar and Feature Bar, casino expansion of lobby, registration areas, and restaurant areas. We developed numerous creative details that resulted in large savings for the Contractor and Owner on the highly themed ceiling structures.

Steel connection design project for two independant fabricators for a Fast-Track structural steel amonia processing plant expansion in Wever, IA.  The total tonnage without connecting material is estimated at 1,600-Tons of structural steel.

Silverbowl Park Fence
Henderson, Nevada, U.S.

City Center - Artwork Rigging and Erection
Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.