Monorail Vila Prudentes - Tiradentes

São Paulo, Brazil, Brazil

São Paulo is the capital of the state of São Paulo and the largest city in Brazil. With a population of 11 million people in the municipality of São Paulo and 19.6 million people in the metropolitan area, São Paulo is located 760 meters (231.7 ft) above sea level, has a very mild temperature year around, and a good supply of water. Its municipal area of 1.523-km2 (588 mi2) and metropolitan area of 7,943-km2 (3,066.9 mi2), are very densely inhabited with 7,216 inhabitants per km2 (18,688 per mi2)in the municipality and 2,470 inhabitants per km2 (6,397 per mi2) in the metropolitan area.

In 2009, São Paulo Metro decided to implement a monorail solution for the extension of Linha 2 Verde, west to east, between Vila Prudente and Hospital Cidade Tiradentes. The 24-km (14.9 mi)-long line has 17 stations, two maintenance facilities, and numerous switches for the operation of the trains. The project was delivered through a variety of mechanisms. The 2.9-km (1.8 mi) first phase is under construction, and comprises of two stations and one maintenance facility being built by Construtora Queiroz Galvão. Once construction began on this section, São Paulo Metro held a Design-Build competition for the project’s remaining 10-km (6.2 mi), with eight additional stations leading to Station São Mateus and an11.6-km (7.2 mi) extension to Cidade Tiradentes. The winner of this Design-Build competition was Consórcio Expresso Monotrilho Leste (CEML), a consortium formed by the civil constructors Queiroz Galvão and OAS, and the train provider Bombardier Transportation. Numerous consultants are providing the civil design: Planservi, Proenge, Zamarion, and Millens Consultants. Innova Technologies is the international monorail consultant, delivering overall civil-system coordination and the design and shop drawings for all guideway beams and emergency walkways in the project.

The project is scheduled to commence operation when construction finalizes in the first phase to Oratorio Station; Sao Mateus was completed by 2014. The extension to Cidade Tiradentes concluded by the end of 2016. To lower capital expenditures, there are four stations in the Sao Mateus-Cidade Tiradente section slated for construction once the project starts operation.