Truckee River Bridge

Tahoe City, California, U.S.A

The Town of Truckee will extend the Truckee Springs Trail across the Truckee River with a new 206-foot long bridge. The bridge will be a unique combination of an arch with a stress-ribbon deck. The arch will consist of two ribs that will be precast in halves that can be erected across the river and connected at the center of the bridge span without falsework. The arch ribs will be connected laterally along the center 100-feet of the bridge to provide lateral stiffness and facilitate a connection to the stress-ribbon deck. The deck will consist of 16-foot wide x 8-feet long precast segments that will slide along prestressed cables into position, connect to adjacent segments, and finally post-tensioned from the abutments. Diagonal concrete struts will connect the abutment to the base of the arches. This diagonal strut creates a load path to put the bridge into equilibrium because the arches outward thrust will oppose the stress-ribbon prestressing inward thrust. Innova is providing the 3-D structural analysis model for seismic and wind forces.