Yellow and Pink Monorails

Bangkok, Thailand, Thailand

The Bangkok monorail consisted of two lines with a total length of 64.5km (40 miles) through highly congested urban environments. The Yellow Line runs east of Bangkok in a north-south direction. It is 30.4 km (18.9 miles) long, with 23 stations and one depot. The Pink Line runs north of Bangkok, in an east-west direction. It is 34.5 km (21.4 miles) long, with 30 stations and one depot.

The Bangkok metro system is extensive with the two new monorail corridors providing multiple connection points to the existing system. Including access to the elevated airport line, underground metro lines, and many bus routes.

Innova Transportation is the US-based international monorail consultant that is providing technical assistance and delivering quality control of guideway precast beams fabrication and installation for the Owner of the project, Bangkok Mass Transit System, BTS. Construction began in 2018 and is progressing toward a 2021 opening.